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Marmalade for You and All Your Friends!

Citrus Marmalades & Lemon Curd prepared by me, Anne Brown, Marmalade Monster of San Rafael. Orange Marmalade, 8oz ($5.00), 16oz (Pint) jars ($10.00) Ingredients: Cane Sugar, Seville Oranges, filtered water.   Lemon Marmalade, 8oz  ($5.00), 16oz (Pint) jars ($10.00) Ingredients: … Continue reading

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O My Love is not Concise

          O my Luve’s like a red, red, rose. –Robert Burns Strunk & White: Eschew needless words! My Love is not concise. My Love gushes and ebbs, glows and cools, quakes and congeals. My Love’s eyes … Continue reading

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Gaslighting Grandma

Third Time’s a Charm…this time my Grandma didn’t kick me out.  Tonight she said this wasn’t what she had in mind, and made it vehemently clear that I couldn’t have any friends over, or boyfriends move in with me.  I … Continue reading

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New Year, New You, New Me, New World

I work for a church – your standard American Episcopal (really Church of England in disguise) mainstream Christian Church, and we do magic there.  My job is not particularly magical – think contracts for weddings, workshops, recordings, and memorials, finding … Continue reading

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Meet the Jumpiup Corn Doll Family!

In August I made my first trip to New Mexico, to attend Bolad’s Kitchen  (a kind of school for building a new culture, but I won’t get into that here).  While I was there I met Rose Tree and her … Continue reading

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Sadie Lady

When I heard you as I came to your door I thought you would eat me alive but instead you !jumped me alive and my heart barked back. When I saw you I gasped because I thought you were being electrocuted … Continue reading

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When I Saw Midnight

When I Saw You sleeping, I thought that the shadows under the bed had made love, and had kittens. But then two Orbs gleamed and flashed, and I saw the Ocean bare her face to the Moon. When I Saw You, … Continue reading

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