Marmalade for You and All Your Friends!

Citrus Marmalades & Lemon Curd

prepared by me, Anne Brown, Marmalade Monster of San Rafael.


Orange Marmalade, 8oz ($5.00), 16oz (Pint) jars ($10.00)
Ingredients: Cane Sugar, Seville Oranges, filtered water.
Lemon Marmalade, 8oz  ($5.00), 16oz (Pint) jars ($10.00)
Ingredients: Cane Sugar, Lemons, filtered water.
Three-Citrus Marmalade, 8oz  ($8.00), 16oz (Pint) jars ($15.00)
Ingredients: Cane Sugar, Ruby Grapefruits, Seville Oranges, Lemons, filtered water.
Lemon Curd, 4oz ($5.00) and 8oz ($9.00)
Ingredients: Cane Sugar, Lemons, egg yolks, butter.
About the Ingredients: 
IMG_1741Seville Oranges are from this tree at Dominican University, in front of the Dominican Sister’s Convent.  For an orange tree, this is really huge!  The tiny bright oranges in the branches and on the ground are normal-sized oranges.)  Seville Oranges are the classic “bitter orange” fruit for marmalades.
The Lemons come from these three trees in sunny San Rafael, CA. The one in the middle is a Meyer Lemon, the other two are Eureka trees, but they have been cross-pollinating for the last 30 years, so they all pretty much come out tasting and looking the same (really yummy – these are happy trees).  
The Grapefruits are store-bought and organic, until I find someone local with a Ruby Grapefruit tree!
Eggs and butter are a local brand, Clover, known for its award-winning dairy products.
What to do with the jars?  Either pass them on to your favorite jam-making friend or neighbor, or bring them to the nursery at St. Stephen’s church.  I will buy them “back”, and contribute a dollar for each usable jar to Camp Create, a summer arts camp for underprivileged elementary-school children in Marin County. (Usable = 4-, 8-, or 16oz Mason Jar with no chips, cracks, or stains).

Want to special-order some Marmalades or Lemon Curd for gifts?  Please email me at 

Local sales tax of 8.5% applies.  I take cash, local checks, and all major credit cards.  Will deliver, within reason, or else ship via USPS (but these are heavy, so it’s better to find your own local Marmalade Monster!)

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1 Response to Marmalade for You and All Your Friends!

  1. indigomumma says:

    Oh Anne, these sound delicious, I wish I’d seen them at the time, but I guess international shipping would make them pricey marmalades! I hope you are well xxxx

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