Meet the Jumpiup Corn Doll Family!

Jumpiup Corndoll Family

In August I made my first trip to New Mexico, to attend Bolad’s Kitchen  (a kind of school for building a new culture, but I won’t get into that here).  While I was there I met Rose Tree and her parents, who had travelled all the way from Australia to attend.  Rose and I got on great.

Meanwhile, at home in my garden, my patch of Oaxacan green dent corn was ripening, although Mr. Sun hid his face so long this year, and the fall rains came so early, that not all of the corn quite matured, and many of the kernels did not dry out enough to “dent” properly.  This means that some of the ears will not germinate well for planting new corn next year, and may not have the right starch for tortilla and tamale flour, either.

This Thanksgiving weekend, I got a bee in my bonnet, and my hands felt restless once all the cooking was done, so I stitched up some outfits for a Corn Doll family.  Lady Angelica Sweet Corn is pictured on the right with her sexy green dress, showing off some cleavage.  Lordy Jim “Pop” Corn is pictured in his blue pullover and light blue overalls.  Young Pippi Longbraids is wearing her favorite pink frock.

Australian customs/import laws being what they are, I won’t be able to send these to my 4-year-old friend, but Rose Tree and I will be meeting up again in February, and hopefully we’ll be playing dolls.

A complete set of photos (the Jumpiup family in their beautiful outer garments, and a few closeups) can be found here: Jumpiup Family Slideshow

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