When I Saw Midnight

When I Saw You sleeping,
I thought that the shadows under the bed had made love, and had kittens. But then two Orbs gleamed and flashed, and I saw the Ocean bare her face to the Moon.

When I Saw You,
I thought the Sun had spread so much light that it had run out, and could no longer glaze the world but then I saw that sweet patch of black frosting soaking up so much light and warmth that Old Baker Sun couldn’t keep up.

When I Saw You, cringing, hiding, running away,
I despaired to ever caress your ears, rub your chin, and stroke your spine, and so I slunk into my own misery slumber.

But then I Saw You,
(or maybe I saw the Ocean and her sister the Moon) standing on my chest and holding me down, and I felt the warmth of black sand, a volcanic shore of delight.

When I Held You,
precariously on my lap I thought my knitting had grabbed its needles and begun to knit into my legs
but when I flung it off I realized that your claws had claimed me as one of your Blankets.

When I Heard You, year afer year, insisting,
a plume of laughter erupted every time that earlier might have chased you away
but now only served to grow the loyal warm rock that held my heart in your grasp.


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2 Responses to When I Saw Midnight

  1. Alison Kern says:


    Karla forwarded this link on to me and Art. You moved us to tears. We miss Midnight so much and it means so much to us that you feel the same way. She was an unusual cat. One’s relationship with her had to be on her terms. It made it so rewarding and marvelous to love her. Such a lesson in unconditional love. Thank you for loving her so hard and so well. I know it was difficult on you when she got sick last July. But I know that she was with someone she loved and trusted. That makes all the difference.

    Thank you for posting this. Thank you for being so good and loving to Midnight.

    With love and appreciation,


    • VagabondAnne says:

      Thank you, Alison. I think of Midnight as the cat who taught me to court shy cats. And from her I now have this gift: shy cats know I am safe to approach (I experience this now regularly, unfailingly, in the most unexpected situations!) She was so full of love, just waiting for people who could take the time to learn how, like you. What a beauty she was. Thanks so much for sharing her with me.

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