Happy Birthday Jesse Pie!

To the Girl who just didn’t Stop
Who Would Not, Could not Sleep;
To the Girl who Wore Us All Out
Danced In Each of Us, her many Pairs of Dancing Shoes
To wear with her most BeautifulDresses.
Jesse had no Dresses, for only BeautifulDresses belonged to her.
And we pushed against her feet
Against her dance floor just to dance with her.
Her shoes, her friends, her dance partners
Her furniture – she wore us out!
Why would anyone sleep when you can run for your life, slam your body into your Nanny, your Dog, your Mom, your Dad, your hundred Best Friends, and squeeze the breath out of them with hugs made of steely 2-year-old arms and a Scream declaring your ecstasy at their arrival?
To the Girl with the Smile-and-a-Half, with sparks busting out her eyes, a screech of volcanic laughter, a rainstorm of tears and lightning,
To the Girl who just didn’t Stop!
Don’t stop!
At Seventeen, you’ve only just started.
Happy Birthday, Jesse Pie!

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